Full Sun: Selected Poems of Ken Norris

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Ken Norris Introduction by Bruce Whiteman

About the Book
Ken Norris’ poems are among the most accomplished of his generation. Full Sun includes a compelling selection of work from eleven previous collections, as well as several new poems.

“…poems that succeed admirably, primarily because Norris beings a striking and economical attention to them; this, combined with an accurate understanding of the twin energies of form and content, reveals that art and artifice become inseparable in the process and the continuing acts of perception that unify a singular vision in his writing.”
—The Globe and Mail

“He is profoundly original, open and vulnerable, with a unique personal note that speaks to the heart of the reader.”
—Poetry Canada Review

About the Author
Ken Norris is a widely published and nationally acclaimed poet. He teaches Canadian Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Maine. He currently divides his time between Canada, Maine, and the Caribbean.

POE011000 Poetry/Canadian
134 pp 6 x 9 in