Forgotten Heroes: Winnipeg’s Hockey Heritage


Richard Brignall

About the book

Ladies and Gentlemen, lace up your skates. In these pages find the origins of Canadian hockey and the birth of international hockey. This book is about hockey all over North America and is a tribute to our widely forgotten heroes, because remember, hockey began here, in Manitoba. From amateur sport to pros, we couldn’t be prouder of our heritage. Richard Brignall has chronicled this incredible history. He draws a picture of the pioneer Manitoban and Canadian athlete from before the turn of the century to when the game caught fire everywhere.

Let’s brag about the Winnipeg Victorias, with an edge of your seat performance when they captured the Stanley Cup, first in 1896, and then for many more years, they brought the Cup home again and again. And mention the Winnipeg Falcons too, notable winners of the Olympic Hockey Championships in 1920 that placed us on the map as the world’s best hockey team, and the world’s biggest fans. Right from the get-go, every game, home, or away, Manitobans filled arenas to capacity year after year. Forgotten Heroes delivers history, but moreover it’s an exciting play by play ride of the war on ice.


SPO020000 Sports & Recreation/Hockey 170 Photographs/Illustrations, Appendix, Index
232pp 8.5 x 11 in