Crimes & Punishment: Life as a CFL Official


Neil Payne

About the Book
After more than three decades of working the field as a Canadian Football League linesman, referee and league supervisor, Neil Payne is the man with the inside story on the game-the players, the coaches and the officials who have to keep them in line. Payne is uniquely positioned to recount the history of the CFL as it has evolved, expanded and attempted to export itself to the United States. He calls them as he sees them, but never loses his sense of humour when faced with aggrieved coaches, aggressive fans and authority-resistant players.

“Football officials have to make tough decisions. But having covered the game for longer than I care to admit, I already knew that. What I didn’t know was how much fun football officials have, especially the downtime spent on airplanes. If I had known that, I’d have become one myself.”
—Scott Taylor, Winnipeg Free Press

About the Author
Neil Payne realized that this book was inevitable, and a cathartic necessity to rid himself of the cumulative effects of 40 years of scars, and at times self doubts, inflicted by coaches, media, and fans who unfortunately on the odd occasion may have been right when they questioned the adequacy of his eyesight.

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