Chris Earle: Two Plays


Chris Earle

About the Book

In the near future, a right-wing crackdown sends thousands of U.S. liberals fleeing north across the Canadian border. As a long hot summer drags on, a cynical Toronto actor becomes involved with the American refugees—with disastrous results. Part dark satire, part political thriller, Democrats Abroad is a chilling exploration of identity, betrayal, and the treacherous line between the personal and political. Radio: 30 In the claustrophobic confines of a recording studio, Ron, king of the radio voice-overs, records a thirty-second ad for a fast food restaurant. Between takes, Ron reveals the tricks of his trade, jokes around with his unseen recording engineer, and gradually reveals how the polished dishonesty of his profession has infected his personal life. As he struggles to reconcile his public and private personae, Ron’s tongue begins to betray him, and what began as just another effortless pitch becomes a darkly comic study in crumbling confidence.

80pp 5.5 x 8.5 in