Break a Leg!: An Actor’s Guide to Theatrical Practices, Phrases, and Superstitions


Mark Brownell and Sue Miner

About the book

Do you hear booing from the blue fairies when you tread the boards?
Did your clap trap work on the claque?
Did that flash pot set off “Mr. Sands” in the first electric?
Do you even know what those last three sentences mean?
If not, then you need to read this book!

Authors Mark Brownell and Sue Miner have compiled this one-of-a-kind glossary of offbeat theatrical phrases, words and superstitions. Break a Leg! is a culmination of theatrical lore from more than 25 years in the business. It also represents a collective knowledge that has been passed down for centuries.

This handy guidebook will steer you through all of those floaters, flops, and fresnels. Gaffers, gels, and ghosts. Lazzi, leads, and luvvies. Notes, nosebleeds, and Naturalism. From mid-Atlantic accents to zany zanni, this book has it all!

About the authors

Sue Miner is versed in both classical text and new works. She is co-artistic director (with husband Mark Brownell) of Pea Green Theatre Group, has garnered several Dora nominations, been thrice nominated for the Pauline McGibbon Award for body of work in direction and was touted as one of Toronto’s Top-10 theatre artists by Now Magazine. She is also a 2010 Harold Indie Theatre Award winner.

Mark Brownell is a Toronto-based playwright whose body of work includes the Governor General’s Award nominated Monsieur d’Eon, the Dora Award-winning Iron Road, High Sticking (Scirocco Drama, 2006), The Martha Stewart Projects, The Barbeque King, and Medici Slot Machine (Scirocco Drama, 2008).

PER001000 Performing Arts–Acting and Auditioning
80pp 7 x 7 in