Adam Baum and the Jew Movie


Daniel Goldfarb

Winner of the 2003 CAA Carol Bolt Award
Winner of the NY Newsday Oppenheimer Award
Finalist for the Dramatist’s Guild Hull-Warriner Award

About this Book
In Hollywood in 1946, Jewish movie mogul Sam Baum hires gentile screenwriter Garfield Hampson Jr. to script a film about anti-Semitism. Through a series of intense and engaging meetings about the screenplay, both men are challenged to redefine their ideas about racism and about art. Ultimately Sam realizes he must reconcile his cultural and religious identity with his duties as film producer, mentor and father. Intelligent, funny, and complex, this critically-acclaimed first play was nominated for the Dramatist’s Guild Hull-Warriner Award and won the 2000 NY Newsday Oppenheimer Award.

“…stocked with uneasy questions about self-deception and self-hatred.”

DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
112pp 5.5 x 8.5 in