A Map of the Senses


Rory Runnels

About the Book
A Map of the Senses is a celebration of twenty years of playwriting in Manitoba. With plays from twelve members of MAP (the Manitoba Association of Playwrights) which has just turned twenty, this collection represents a variety of productions from not only the mainstream theatre and the perennially exciting Fringe Festival, but also from independent productions. Contributors include Rick Chafe (Zac and Speth), William Harrar (Inquest), Maureen Hunter (Footprints on the Moon), Bruce McManus (Calenture), Ross McMillan (Washing Spider Out), Elise Moore (Live With It), Yvette Nolan (Blade), Deborah O’Neil (Worm Moon), Harry Rintoul (Between Then and Now), Ian Ross (Heart of a Distant Tribe), Alf Silver (Thimblerig) and Dennis Trochim (Better Looking Boys).

About the Author
Rory Runnels has been coordinator of the Manitoba Association of Playwrights since 1983. “He has held the organization together through all the vicissitudes that voluntary groups are subject to and has negotiated the complex politics of the local arts scene with surprising diplomatic finesse … He has nurtured playwriting talent wherever he found it, and has always been especially welcoming to new writers.” —Doug Arrell

Drama Anthology
384pp 6.75 x 9.75 in