A Killing Snow


Paul Ciufo

About the book

Four travelers take refuge from a Huron County blizzard in the secluded farmhouse of Gerald Goldie, retired Latin teacher. All four of the strangers have some things in common—a working knowledge of Latin, a serious distaste for their host, and a growing animosity for each other. As ominous Latin phrases begin to appear on the walls, it becomes clear that someone has murder in mind. And as the body count rises, our stranded guests are forced to choose between certain death in the blizzard—or tempting the Fates by remaining in a house of terror.


“A zinger of a play…the Canadian hinterland, both physical and psychological, is explored in all of its frightening reality…” —London Free Press

“Ciufo’s writing is tight, bristling with witty, intelligent banter…yes, this is a mystery, a whodunit and a comedy/drama, but the writing was layered so you really were rewarded if you paid attention to every word of it…a killer of a script.”
The Beat: Arts in London


DRA013000 Drama/Canadian
88pp 5.5 x 8.5 in