A Glowing Dream: A Memoir


Roland Penner, C.M. With a Foreword by The Hon. Howard Pawley, P.C., O.C.

Filled with fascinating, personal anecdotes and peopled with colourful characters from Winnipeg’s past, A Glowing Dream: A Memoir takes the reader on a historic, and often tumultuous, journey. Taking us from the often-romanticized early days of Winnipeg’s North End to life in the public sphere, Penner tells of his role in such momentous political milestones as Manitoba’s new human rights legislation, legislation Penner counts as his crowning achievement. As former government house leader and Attorney General, Penner shares the tribulations and triumphs of standing one’s ground and fighting for what he believed to be right.

“Changing Manitoba’s Human Rights Code, including prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, was Penner’s proudest political moment.”
Winnipeg FreePress

336pp 6 x 9 in