Reviewed by Jonathan Ball

Scott Nolan’s Moon was a Feather (The Muses’ Company, 96 pages, $16) finds the Winnipeg singer/songwriter offering sad meditations in short, clipped lines: “I’m like an upright piano. / I need to at least be in tune with myself. / No one really wants / to hear a grown man sing.”

In an early poem, Nolan compares his childhood excitement for a “Judas Priest concert, / running on hormones and our parents’ liquor cabinets” to the calmer reality of the rock star life: “Meanwhile, Judas Priest played the back nine / at the Charleswood golf course.” Many of the poems try to pop the romantic bubbles that bloom to engulf some experience for a harderedged acceptance of how things are. A must-have for Nolan fans, and a strong, minimalist collection.