Quebec Suite


Quebec Suite: Poems for and about Quebec

Endre Farkas

About the Book

Quebec Suite is an intriguing and timely anthology by English Canadian poets writing about and for Quebec. There is no simple yes or no here as to what Quebec wants and is. The poets, Jack Kerouac, Leonard Cohen, Al Purdy, Irving Layton, P.K. Page, Ralph Gustafson, Elizabeth Brewster, William Henry Drummond, A.M. Klein, F.R. Scott, and many others, the unacknowledged legislators of the world, explore the complexities of the Quebec conundrum. Quebec Suite is a poetic/historical and personal perspective of what Quebec has meant to these writers. We’ve heard from the politicians, economists, pollsters, and now we, in Quebec Suite, can hear from those whose poems shape our imaginative sense of self.

About the Author

Endre Farkas was born in Hajdunanas, Hungary in 1948 to survivors of the Holocaust. Along with his parents, he escaped Hungary during the 1956 revolution and has lived in Quebec ever since. He is a poet who has had eight collections of poetry published. Farkas has been collaborating with artists from other disciplines for over twenty years and many of his performance pieces have toured across Canada.

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